Flexible radial seal
The radial seal is a segmeneted high alloy flexible seal with a long life wear shoe. The flexible leaf and wear shoe conforms to the sector plates, reducing the gap between the seal surfaces and sector plates that is normally found with fixed position OEM style radial seals.  The seal can easily be attached to the existing OEM seal if the OEM seal is structurally sound.  AHS can manufacture carbon or stainless steel OEM style seal bars for your application if preferred.
Circumferential/bypass seal
The circumferential/bypass seal is a flexible segmented high alloy seal with a replaceable heat treated wear surface attached to each segment.  This wear shoe stays in full contact with the alloy wear band that is applied directly to the housing or t-bar. The hardness of the wear shoe is proportional to that of the wear band. This allows replacement of the wear shoe if necessary, and extends the life of the entire seal section.
Sector plate transition bars
The sector plate transition bars are permanently attached to both the leading and trailing edge of the sector plates.  This extends the life of the flexible radial seal. The transition bars are made of the same wear material as the circumferential/bypass seal wear band.